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Subscription Privacy Policy

The Scholé Journal is a biannual philosophy publication edited by an independent volunteer team. The Journal aims to provide a free publishing space for the specialists and the beginners in depth philosophy studies.

The Journal is available for free on-line and can be sent automatically on demand, for each issue, based on the on-line subscription.

The distribution of the journal based on subscription is made using an automated distribution list. You may find yourself in the list for one of the following reasons:

  • you submitted the subscription form and confirmed your email address;
  • your email address was proposed to the journal by a collaborator or an editor with which you exchange emails.

The journal does not collect personal data and does not verify the identity of the subscribed persons. The following datas are stored:

  • email address (no checks are performed concerning its' holder)
  • name (a text used for addressing that may not be the real name)
  • subscription date

The subscribers are free to cancel the subscription at any time using the unsubscription form or by contacting the editors.

The editors will not use the email addresses in other purposes than the distribution of the journal and af the informations that concern it and will not communicate those addresses to any third party.

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