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The journal is dedicated to philosophical studies and articles and is open to any theme. Some issues will contain a selection of papers on a certain topic, but will not rule out other topics. In addition to research articles, Scholé publishes discussion notes, reviews, and interviews. Submissions to Scholé, with the exception of reviews, are blind-refereed.


Next issues:

Scholé no. 4 (2012) — deadline for papers submission: June 2012.

Scholé no. 5 (2012) — deadline for papers submission: December 2012.


Steps for publishing a text:

  • the author prepares the article according to the indications for the authors;
  • the author sends the text to the editors (see contact details);
  • the editors proceed to a preliminary verification of the text and, if necessary, request changes from the author;
  • the text is evaluated on the basis of a form by 2 evaluators selected by the editors according to their competences in the field of the paper;
  • the editors centralize the evaluations and, if necessary, transmit the evaluators' recommendations to the author;
  • the author revises the paper and sends the final form to the editors;
  • the editors proceed to the pagination of the article and ask for the approval for publication;
  • the article is published in the journal.


SCHOLÉ - Call for papers