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A. General indications

»   The copyrights on the article will belong to the author. The author cedes the right for publication for a single time publication in the Scholé journal. The editors will not republish the article, entirely or partially, without the author's permission. The author may republish the text with or without mentioning the publishing in Scholé journal. The Authors cannot withdraw the articles once published.

»   The texts proposed for publication must not be published previously in the same language or, in the case of republishing of an already published article, the author assumes and complies with the republishing rules of the original publication and mentions it in a footnote to the title.

»   The manuscripts can be sent by email, as attachment in Word Document (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) format.

»   The texts' length must not exceed 25 pages. (approximately 65,000 characters).

»   The texts can be written in Romanian, English, French or Hungarian. For other languages, please contact the editorial office.

»   The articles must be accompanied by an abstract in English of maximum 700 characters length.

»   In the case of the articles written in a different language than Romanian, each article will have an extended abstract in Romanian. If it is impossible for the author to use Romanian, he will mention that he wants the English abstract to be translated into Romanian.

»   The articles will be accompanied by an author's presentation of maximum 400 characters length.

»   The author must choose a set of 3 - 10 keywords that describe the article. Keywords can be modified by the editors for uniformity.

»   The article will be submitted to a blind peer review evaluation procedure after which recommendations can be made to the author and the revision of the text may be demanded.

»   The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the journal belongs exclusively to the authors. The authors assume the responsibilities concerning the copyright on the article and the quoted texts and the responsibilities concerning the academic rules regarding the quotation of sources.


B. Typing norms:

1. Body text

»   Garamond, 12 points size, justified, 1,5 lines

»   Page size: A4 with 2.54 cm margins.

2. Titles, subtitles

»   titles: Garamond, 14 points size, Bold

»   subtitles: Garamond, 12 points size, Bold

3. Quotations:

»   quotations can be given in text, between quotation marks

»   the reference of the quoted source will be given in a footnote, with the mention of the author/authors, the title, the edition or translator (if needed), the place of publishing, the publisher, the year, the quoted pages or the standard reference for classic texts.

4. Quote marks: accordingly to the orthographical rules of the article's language

5. Footnotes: please use only footnotes!

»   Font: Garamond, 10 points size

6. Bibliography

a) books:

, <Title>, , .

b) Article published in an edited volume:

, <"Article title">, in , <Title>, , , .

c) Article published in a journal

, <"Article title">, in <Journal title>, / , , .

7. Schemes and images

»   Any non-text elements included in the article (schemes, images, illustrations) will be separately attached, in an uncompressed format (tiff, bmp, svg, eps) at 300dpi resolution.

8. Proof and extracts:

»   The authors will receive extracts to perform the final proof check before the publication.

»   Authors are urged to operate only corrections related to typing or editing. The corrections will be marked using the Track changes function or using a different color for distinguishing.

»   The authors will receive by email a copy of the journal in PDF format.




SCHOLÉ - Indications for the Authors